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Dear Community Member,

Heart & Soul Cortez wants to hear from YOU!  What do you VALUE about Cortez?  What do you want to see IMPROVED?  We have heard from over 1,000 people, and we are missing many voices. Help plan Cortez’ future by sharing what you think and want for our community. Please take a moment to fill out the online survey below.

Thank you

1.  How did you come to live in Cortez...why are you here?

2.  Whay do you love about Cortez?  Why?

3.  Do you feel attached to Cortez?  What is is about Cortez that makes you feel connected to this community?

4.  What is your greatest wish for Cortez?

5.  What would you improve about Cortez as we look towards the future?

6.  When you leave Cortez and come home, what is it you look forward to returning to?

7.  What other information or story would you like to share?

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